Markets & Applications

Chemische Fabrik Karl Bucher GmbH serves various industries all over the world. The main application of our products is Silylating Agents and other organosilicon molecules for organic synthesis having their biggest use in the pharmaceutical industry and other life science industries. Besides the pharmaceutical industry our products are mainly used in the field of silicone polymers, material sciences and the semi conductor industry.

World Map

  • Major Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Generics Companies
  • Custom Manufacturing
  • Silicone Polymer Manufacturers
  • Electronic Chemicals Companies
  • Polymer Manufacturers
  • Specialty Chemicals Manufacturers
  • and various other Industries
  • Silylating Agents for Organic Synthesis
  • Reagents for Organic Synthesis
  • Building Blocks in Organic Synthesis
  • Hydrophobation of Materials
  • CVD-Precursors
  • Silylation Agents for Analytics (Supplier of various IOC accredited Doping Laboratories and Olympic Games)