Additional Services

Due to the nature of the products used and manufactured by Bucher, we have excellent capabilities in product handling and distillation, which we offer to our customers to serve them with additiional services like re-packing, blending and toll distillation.

Re-Packing Service

Type of Containers


Type of Materials


  • Liquids
  • Highly toxic
  • Low boiling
  • Corrosive
  • Highly flammable
  • Chlorosilanes
  • Acid chlorides
  • Lewis Acids
  • Propanal
  • Trimethylchlorosilane
  • Dimethyldichlorosilane
  • Methyltrichlorosilane
  • Boron trifluoride


Re-Packing in Compliance with REACH Article 18 for Transported Isolated Intermediates

Toll-Distillation Services

Due to the nature of our own products, Bucher has Distillation Capabilities, that standard toll distillation service providers are not able to provide.

  • Quantities: 50 Liters to 100 tons
  • Technical Information: up to 16 m3 Batch-Distillation, bp 180° C/5mbar
  • Products for which Toll Distillation Companies have no permission and experience in safe handling: Chlorosilanes, Acid chlorides, Toxic materials, Low Boilers (bp 26 °C e.g.), corrosive substances that require glass lined equipment

Application: Adding more Value to your (By-)Product

  • Purification of your By-Product Stream to Specifications that allow sales instead of Disposal
  • Purification of a small part of your Material to higher Specification to allow you to serve additional industries with more specific quality requirements > allows you to approach new markets of added value
Mixing & Blending Services

When the requirements of permissions or equipment exceeds the capabilities of standard blending companies, Bucher assists and provides equipment, personnel and know-how to produce solutions or blends according to customer requirements.

Bucher can be of help tp you, if you require a mixing service that involves or requires:

  • Toxic materials
  • Exothermics in preparation
  • Pressure equipment required
  • Glass lined equipment
  • Examples: dilution of BF3 with Methanol, exothermic dissolution of gases in liquids, Hydrazine-Derivative mixed with a lewis acid, etc.