Customer Services & Support

Chemische Fabrik Karl Bucher GmbH offers products of highest chemical quality. We react to todays customers needs in the fields of documentation support, packaging types and sizes while offering our highest support for logistics and technical solutions.

Customer Services

 Customer Specifications
  • Set Up of individual Specifications for each customer and product
  • Any parameter requested by customer can be added to a specification on any feasible level
  • Setting up specifications in close collaboration with customer to perfectly fit his needs considering potential impurities
  • Support of customers to identify relevant specification parameters for customer´s application based on impurities likely to be present
Specific Packing Types & Sizes

Various Packing Types available:

Standard drums, ISO-Containers, Bulk, IBC, Cylinders, Bottles, Bubblers

Individual pack Size:

  • Allows customer to use full drums
  • No risk of Quality Loss after re-sealing
  • No surplus quantity paid for without use
  • No extra material that requires specific treatments prior to standard disposal
 Customer Service, Logistics Solutions & Stock Levels
  • In house experts in logistics and dangerous goods (road, sea and air shipments)
  • Capability to ship all kinds of dangerous goods, highly toxic materials or other dangerous goods that require special logistics solutions due to regulations
  • Capability to ship stock items within 24 hours or less
  • 24 hour turn around time to respond to any customer request
  • No minimum order size
  • Very high stock levels to serve customers promptly even in bigger quantities of our specialty chemicals
 Documentation Support

Support of customers to readily obtain typical documentations required for quality and regulatory purpose like:

  • Quality Questionnaires
  • BSE/TSE/GMO Certificates
  • Residual Solvents, Elemental Impurities, Melamine and other Statements
  • Route of Synthesis and Process Flow Charts
  • List of “Impurities likely to be present” / Impurity Profiles
  • Stability Data
  • Others
 Technical Support

Chemische Fabrik Karl Bucher GmbH will support our customers with our knowledge on “how to use” our products. Specifics include:

  • Assistance in engineering of dispensing and dosing equipment
  • Guidance on proper use (safety and product quality protection)
  • Intensive analysis of product impurities and properties to be able to quickly assist customers in root cause analysis
  • Support in chemical problem solving